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Mattress Protector

Special Winter Offer

Free mattress protector with a purchase of any double (135cm), king size (150cm) or super king size (180cm) mattresses & divan sets. The king size mattress protector has a retail value of £219.

Offer available from 26th December until 28th February 2024.

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Made in Britain

Handmade in Britain

Vispring beds have been made in Britain since 1901 by bed maker experts

Sheep Wool

Made Naturally

Vispring fillings contain natural materials like horsehair, pure cotton, and Shetland wool, as well as luxury finishes like silk and cashmere

Happy Sleepers Springtechnology

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

The individual pocketed springs in the Vispring mattresses, move independently from each other which allows for much better support and comfort

Happy Sleepers Sustainability

Sustainable Materials

Vispring search the planet for the most luxurious and sustainable natural materials


Choosing your perfect mattress

Vispring’s handmade beds offer a huge range of options – from different fillings to multiple layers of handmade springs. And then there’s the choice of different mattress tensions too. These simple steps will help find the right one for you.

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Check the support

Vispring beds come in four different spring tensions – soft, medium, firm and extra firm. They combine two tensions for each side of your bed. Perfect for when you and your partner are different statures.

Here’s a quick guide to finding the right spring tension.

Up to 11 stone (70kg): Soft
11-16 stone (70-102kg): Medium
16-20 stone (102-127kg): Firm
Above 20 stone (127kg): Extra Firm

Check the support

Handcrafted in Britain by master bed makers

It takes time to become a master of your craft. In our case, over 100 years. That’s why our bed makers are so skilled – they’re full of handed-down knowledge and passion that goes into every tuft and coil. They fill, finish and stitch by hand, making every bed exactly to order.

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Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

Sleep Tips

Sleep Tips

Premium Fillings

Premium Fillings

Natural Materials

Natural Materials

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