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Duresta Waldorf

Duresta Hornblower

Duresta Belvedere

Duresta Lansdowne

Duresta Trafalgar

Duresta Ruskin

Duresta Hoxton

Duresta Metropolitan

Duresta Brooklyn

Duresta Southsea On Legs

Duresta Southsea Valanced

Duresta Coco

Duresta New Plantation Fabric

Duresta New Plantation Leather

Duresta Collingwood

Duresta Kubla Khan


Handmade in Britain

We provide handmade furniture created by highly skilled craftspeople, using the best materials and offering the highest levels of customer service.


About Duresta

Duresta has made luxurious upholstery in Nottinghamshire since 1938.  Our designs are constantly evolving and are considered to be the embodiment of classic English style.


25 Frame Guarantee

Our furniture is created from hardwood frames that are hand-assembled by our highly experienced craftspeople and guaranteed for 25 years.


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